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Itinerary NameShipEmbark DateDisembark DateCruise Only USD*Reduced Rate USD
Taste of BordeauxAmaDolceMar 19Mar 26$3,099$1,550
Melodies of the DanubeAmaLeaMar 21Mar 28$2,799$1,400
Tulip TimeAmaPrimaMar 22Mar 29$2,799$1,400
Melodies of the DanubeAmaViolaMar 23Mar 30$2,799$1,400
Rhine & Moselle SplendorsAmaDanteMar 26Apr 2$2,799$1,400
Romantic DanubeAmaSonataMar 27Apr 3$2,899$1,450
Magna on the DanubeAmaMagnaMar 29Apr 5$3,099$1,550
Romantic DanubeAmaViolaMar 30Apr 6$2,899$1,450
Vineyards of the Rhine & MoselleAmaDanteApr 2Apr 9$2,999$1,500
Melodies of the DanubeAmaLeaApr 4Apr 11$2,999$1,500
Melodies of the DanubeAmaCertoApr 5Apr 12$2,999$1,500
Taste of BordeauxAmaDolceApr 9Apr 16$3,599$1,800
Vineyards of the Rhine & MoselleAmaDanteApr 9Apr 16$3,099$1,550
Paris & NormandyAmaLyraApr 9Apr 16$3,599$1,800
Charms of the MekongAmaDaraAug 3Aug 10$2,399$1,200
Riches of the MekongAmaDaraAug 10Aug 17$2,399$1,200
Charms of the MekongAmaDaraAug 17Aug 24$2,399$1,200
Riches of the MekongAmaDaraAug 24Aug 31$2,499$1,250
Charms of the MekongAmaDaraAug 31Sep 7$2,599$1,300
Riches of the MekongAmaDaraSep 7Sep 14$2,699$1,350
Charms of the MekongAmaDaraSep 14Sep 21$2,799$1,400

*Price Per Guest